The G8WAY project

Educational transitions

Educational pathways and opportunities are becoming rapidly differentiated in nearly every European country. This in turn is leading to more complex and changing career biographies. Their is an increasing focus on creativity, problem solving, risk assessment and decision making for young people in deciding on education, training and careers.

The G8WAY project is researching how Web 2.0 and social software can be used to develop learner centered and connective approaches to support educational and career transitions.

The project, which has partners in six European countries, is particularly focusing on the transitions from school to work and higher education to work. It is also looking at intergenerational learning.

In the first year of the project, interviews were undertaken with 60 young people. These interviews allowed the development of four ‘personas’. We were particularly interested in how to design web 2.0 and social software to support transitions for these personas. Of course the potential for such development is to some extent dependent on the existing systems and support for transitions in the partner countries and in order to develop social software tools, the project partners have themselves developed national and local partnerships.

Pontydysgu, who are the UK partners in the G8WAY project, have developed four social software tools. A summary of these tools can be found in the tools and applications page and there is a full description of each on this web site.

G8WAY project partners

  • The German Youth Institute (Germany)
  • p&w praxis und wissenschaft projekt (Germany)
  • City Conversity (Sweden)
  • SPI (Portugal)
  • MENON (Greece)
  • Associazione Culturale Il filo d’Arianna (Italy)
  • Institute of Educational Sciences (Romania)
  • Pontydysgu (UK)

To find out more about the work of the G8WAY project and its partners visit the G8WAY web site and the G8WAY project web portal.

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