About WebQuests

Continuing Professional Development is becoming more important than ever with changes in the organisation of careers work and careers work practice. This is even more so for using technology to support careers guidance. Yet in the economic situation and when careers services are under severe financial pressures, resources for professional development are scarce. One answer is to develop online programmes of careers guidance, either designed as self study materials or with syncronous or asyncronous support

A UKCES report on Integrating new technology into careers practice has found that:

Currently, there is little online provision, which is impartial (that is, not designed to sell products) and of a high quality (for example, accredited to some recognisable standard), that can be accessed by careers practitioners. If this were available, it would address two key objectives for workforce development: a) it could address the knowledge and understanding needs of careers practitioners around particular skill gaps; b) it familiarises learners with ICT functionalities and by so doing, increases confidence and stimulates interest in the use of this media.

We are currently developing a series of online modules or wequests for professional development for careers practitioners.

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