People and partners


The CareersTalk web site has been developed  by a partnership between Pontydysgu and the Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER), University of Warwick.


Graham Attwell is a researcher working for Pontydysgu. His research focuses on the use of technology for learning, particularly on social software and mobile learning. Currently, he is researching and developing games- and portfolio-based approaches to careers advice, information, guidance and counselling and the use of Open and Linked Data for careers guidance.

Dirk Stieglitz is a researcher and web designer at Pontydysu. He is responsible for the design and maintenance of the CareersTalk web site.

Angela Rees is a researcher at Pontydysgu. She has led Pontydysgu’s work in the G8WAY project.

Philipp Rustemeier is a software developer working for Pontydysgu. He is lead developer for the Labour Market Information data tools.

Jenny Bimrose is a Professor at IER, University of Warwick. Her current research focuses on supporting guidance practice by integrating theory with the practice of careers guidance, especially around labour market information and the use of ICT.

Sally-Anne Barnes is a Senior Research Fellow at the IER, University of Warwick. Her research interests include: careers guidance theory and practice; ICT-based innovations and applications; and qualitative research methodology and data analysis

Alan Brown is a Professor at the IER, University of Warwick. His current research, which has a strong international orientation, focuses mainly upon changing occupational identities, continuing vocational training, skill formation, organisational performance, networks and supporting knowledge sharing and development and learning in professional communities of practice

Organisations and People

We would like to acknowledge the support from organisations and partners including:

  • Connexions Kent
  • Connexions Northumberland
  • Careers Wales
  • University of East London
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Raycom BV (Netherlands)
  • Yoh
  • Hackney Business-Education Partnership