Transition Stories

These stories of people and transitions are based on interviews undertaken by Pontydysgu as part of the G8WAY project. Click on any of the photos or captions to read the full story.

Kat, the idealist

Kat, the idealist

Motto: Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans!



Marie, the uncertainty one

Marie, the uncertain one

Motto: Good things come to those who wait.




Ben, the drifter

Ben, the drifter

Motto: Entertain me, keep me interested.




Sally: Needs to take some time

Sally: Needs to take some time

Motto: Seeking for some way to make it worth the while.




Laura Laura

Motto: Work hard, play hard!



Dewi, the undertaker Dewi, the determined

Motto: I’m going to make it!





Lia Lia

Motto: Patience and perserverance.



Owen, the worker Owen, the worker




Ffion Ffion

Motto: Nothing I can do about it.